Aiming to Strike Gold at MIPCOM

By Pickle  October 15, 2018

At MIPCOM, Green Gold will be looking for buyers/ broadcasters/ OTTs for its existing catalogue and commissioners/ co- producers for its new animated shows that are in development. Meet Green Gold at MIPCOM Stand No. P-1.K69

Green Gold Animation has robust, experienced and dedicated teams for 2D (Flash) and CGI animation, capable of handling and delivering animation work with impeccable quality.

It is a leading animation company engaged in creating wholesome entertainment for kids of all ages across all nationalities. With over 1200 artists working out of our India and US offices, it has produced several kids IPs that are running successfully on many major
kids TV channels and new media platforms, including Cartoon Network, Pogo, Disney, Amazon Prime Video & Netflix.

Over the years, the popularity of its animated characters has transcended television, and it has helped the company establish itself as a leading player in L&M, movie production, digital business, retail and more.

Its offerings at MIPCOM are:

Dragon Kingdom

Title: Dragon Kingdom

Duration: 13 Episodes of 22 minutes each
Style: 3D HD
Genre: Action, Adventure
Target demo: 6-12 years
Synopsis: At the emperor’s request Bheem and friends agree to stay back in China to explore the kingdom and it’s nearby villages making new friends and defeating foes both new and old.

I am No # 1

Title: I am No # 1

Duration: 104 Episodes of 7 minutes each
Style: 2D HD
Genre: Comedy
Target demo: 6-11 year
Synopsis: In the jungle there can only be two no #1’s.

Jungle Trouble

Title: Jungle Trouble

Duration: 104 Episodes of 7 minutes each
Style: 2D HD
Genre: Comedy
Target demo: 4-11 years
Synopsis: Four carefree and primitive jungle beasts vs a greedy, high tech penguin and his thuggish side kick rhinoceros : JUNGLE WINS!

Duchess (TV Series)

Title: Duchess (TV Series)

Duration: 26 Episodes of 22 minutes each
Style: 2D HD
Genre: Action, Adventure
Target demo: 6-14 years
Synopsis: High fashion meets psychedelic spy adventures in this fast paced and stylish series.

Kalari Kids

Title: Kalari Kids

Duration: 60 Episodes of 11 minutes each
Style: 2D HD
Genre: Action, Adventure
Target demo: 4-8 years
Synopsis: Surrounded by a mystical jungle, Beenu and Raaka’s teams face new challenges everyday with a hint of magic and tackle them using Kalari.

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