Madhu Entertainment is at MIPCOM with Govind Nihalani’s Animation Film UP UP & UP

By Pickle  October 16, 2018

Madhu Entertainment & Media led by Hirachand Dand is at MIPCOM with a 90-minute completed new animation English film UP UP & UP directed by 78-year-old veteran filmmaker Govind Nihalani. The film was recently completed with voice over and post production by top artistes and studio in LA. Over 25 years in the business, Madhu Entertainment has acquired the film for global distribution.

“It is Govind Nihalani’s dream to create this magical animation film. It is a story about a baby camel in Rajasthan, who dreams of flying,” says Hirachand Dand, COO, Madhu Entertainment who has been a regular to MIPCOM for many years.

“Govind Nihalani is a legend and his first animation film is really magical. We are aiming to reach out to both traditional and digital platforms,” he adds.

Says Govind Nihalani, “As an artist one must always reinvent oneself and respond to changing geography, economy and technology around us. We must respond to new stimuli and trends emerging in the society. I do not want to repeat myself,else I will become a dinosaur. And, that’s a fate I will rather not want.”

He adds: “Visioning an animated character and directing an actor on screen, both are same for me, the same idea, same challenges. And, since I come from Udaipur, it was easy for me to imagine the desert landscape and for my team to render it, with enough input material available on the web.”

Govind Nihalani was associated with the cinematography of Richard Attenborough’s Oscar-winning epic Gandhi. Nihalani is renowned for his alternative cinema (Aakrosh, Ardh Satya and Drohkaal), TV Series Tamas and his collaborations with Shyam Benegal as a cinematographer in milestone films like ‘Ankur’ and ‘Manthan’.

UP UP & UP is a story about dreaming the impossible and making it happen. The hero of the story is Kamlu, a baby camel, like a child of about nine years in human terms. Kamlu’s ambition in life is to fly, to fly up into the clouds, to the top of the rainbow to see his mom and dad, who to leave for war and never returned.

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