MESC Launches India’s largest Creative & Aptitude Test for M&E

The Media and Entertainment Skills Council (MESC) has launched India’s first and largest creative aptitude test, MECAT (Media and Entertainment Creative Aptitude Test), a standardized test to measure the creativity, aptitude, and readiness of a candidate wanting to join a training institution in the Media & Entertainment Sector.

Over 500 academic institutions, experts, and students participated in the event, which was launched in the august presence of Rajesh Aggarwal, Secretary, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India.

To help thousands of job seekers in the media and entertainment industry, MESC also launched 100 Job Fairs and career counselling sessions across the country.

Speaking at the event, Aggarwal said, “Design Thinking needs to be integrated into every industry as it may improve the final product and would provide new opportunities for present and future workers. This MECAT launch and the 100 Job Mela are crucial MESC initiatives.

He also emphasised the necessity of training the trainers and the significance of communication and soft skills for success.

MECAT is accepted by hundreds of universities, colleges, and training institutes in India.

Through a video voice message, Subhash Ghai, Chairman of MESC and Chairman of Mukta Arts and Whistling Woods International, congratulated the whole MESC team and stated that the launch of MECAT marks a significant turning point for Indian creative education.

“This will make it easier for parents and kids to spot aptitude early on and ensure that skills are developed appropriately,” Ghai said.

Creative art, performing art, writing skills, design, and many more are fundamental prerequisites for employment in the M&E sector. “MECAT is a programme that assists young people of the new generation in aligning their career aspirations. The urgent requirement is for job option identification and prompt counselling,” said Ashish Kulkarni, Chairman, FICCI-AVGC and Founder of Punnaryug.

MECAT, which will be properly positioned in the Indian education and skilling eco-system, would be crucial for all concerned parties, including students, parents, teachers, institutions for education and skilling, etc. In order to put the creative sector vertical on par with science and commerce, MECAT will establish a living heritage. The aptitude test will provide a number of benchmarks to help students prepare for admission and career routes.

The National Education Policy 2020 currently permits students in grades 6 through 12 to enrol in vocational creative programmes in the regular curriculum. Therefore, the launch of MECAT is timely.

The CEO of Lakshya Digital, Manvendra Shukul, emphasised the necessity for MECAT in the game industry. He claimed that the level of industrial demand is really high and that we must train workers to meet the demands. He explained his idea for Destination India and how it would significantly expand prospects for individuals worldwide.

The country head for Industry Connect Alliance and Placement (ICAP), Aptec, Vishal Mehra, spoke on how to get ready for greater employment prospects. He also spoke about the past accomplishments of the Virtual Job Fairs with MESC and the intention to expand the opportunities offered by these 100 Job Fairs to include everyone who wants to participate.

“MECAT has been founded with the objective of promoting the Media and Entertainment Industry towards growth,” said Mohit Soni, CEO of MESC.

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