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Mehrunisa (Drama)

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Producer, Director, Writer : Sandeep Kumar
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Mehrunisa, an 80 year-old Indian actress of yesteryears, shocks everyone by breaking into pieces, and burning the bed of her dominant husband a day after his burial. Mehrunisa’s estranged daughter Jasmin and her granddaughter Aliya, visiting the elderly matriarch, find it tough to connect with her. In the midst of the emotional turmoil Bollywood knocks on Mehrunisa’s door. After decades she is offered a minor role in a big film to be shot in her town.

The script and the attitude of the film makers reminds Mehrunisa of patriarchy suffered in her life. She decides not to cave in but to stand up against patriarchal values. She reads the film script brought to her recently and begins to imagine the same story from a female perspective. Sparks of regret and suppressed emotions flame up Mehrunisa’s lifelong wish to play the lead role for a change. She demands that the male superstar is replaced and the story is narrated from a female perspective. The whole world laughs at her. Even Jasmin. But not Aliya, who is full of admiration for her grandmother.

With her help Mehrunisa orchestrates various plans to realise the uphill task of battling the Indian film industry which in her eyes is a mightier patriarch. Mehrunisa’s resolve to even attempt to change the system makes her a role model, not only for her daughter and granddaughter but for millions who watch her story flashed across the screen all over the country.



From the Editor (August 3-9, 2020) Pickle Edition

admin   August 6, 2020

Till now it was a dream. Now it has become closer to being real. Our students will have the flexibility to study Python and Performing Arts together. Subjects like Dance and Design which once were to be pursued as a hobby, can now be a mainstream subject from sixth grade to PhD.

We are talking about the New Education Policy unveiled by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. The nine-member team lead by space scientist Dr Kasturirangan authored the New Education Policy (NEP) which has brought in a massive mind shift in mainstreaming creative and performing arts education in the country.

A casual chat with Ashish SK, an industry veteran in animation, gaming and VFX space who has been propagating this idea with a zeal of a crusader resulted in this week’s lead feature on the big picture impact of NEP for media and entertainment industry. There could not have been a better game changing moment for the Indian M&E sector.

Another big moment for India this week was Chaitanya Tamhane’ s Marathi film The Disciple being selected in the 77th Venice Film Festival’s Golden Lion Competition Section. For the first time in 19 years, an Indian film found a place in the world’s leading film festival. The Disciple will also be screened in the 45th Toronto International Film Festival in September.

Saibal Chatterjee’s article explains why it is a best moment for India. Also India’s regional film spread is visible this year at Venice. Ivan Ayr’s Punjabi film Meel Patthar (Milestone) and Sushma Khandepaun’s Gujarati short film Anita have found a space to compete in the Venice Film Festival. The Heritage Online launched by Locarno Pro is one of the best innovative services that has been created in recent times. More than that, it will be remembered and etched in History as this has evolved and shaped during the pandemic. This meaningful initiative aims to bring heritage films to the audiences of online platforms.

“Our new project Heritage Online fills a gap in the audiovisual industry landscape and will foster links between rights holders, VOD platforms and world cinema distribution,” says Heritage Online Project Manager Markus Duffner.

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