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Guppy (Drama)

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Status: Completed
Producer: E4 Entertainment
Director & Writer: Johnpaul George
Sales Contact: +91 4442965900

The story revolves around a village lad (Master Chethan) who is nicknamed as Guppy, who makes a living by rearing and selling the small fish Guppy. Guppy has this dream of buying an automatic wheel chair for his ailing mother (Rohini) and he saves money for the same. Things gets into turmoil when Engineer Thejus Varkey (Tovino Thomas) comes to the seaside village for the construction of a railway bridge. Many unexpected things occur when a small rivalry starts between Guppy and Engineer. The rest of the movie is about the intriguing issues between Guppy and the Engineer.


Irudhi Suttru

admin   March 1, 2021

Irudhi Suttru (Sports Drama)

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Status: Completed
Producer: Y Not Studios
Director: Sudha Kongara
Writer: Sudha Kongara, Arun Matheshwaran
Sales Contact: +91 4442965900

The protagonist is an arrogant, rude but a highly successful women’s boxing coach. He becomes a victim to politics in the boxing association and gets transferred to Tamil Nadu. He challenges that he will make a champion wherever he may me. In this quest, he meets a 17-year-old fish seller girl with a rare fighting spirit but least interested in the sport. The rest of the movie is a battle of wills between the reluctant girl who has all the talent and is least interested in promoting it and a man who sees in her the capacity to achieve what he never could.


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Riyaz (Drama, Disability, Musical, Youth)

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Status: Completed
Producer, Director, Writer: Mriganka Borah
Sales Contact: +91 8638079926

‘Riyaz’ is a story about a blind boy, Ashim who always used to contradict the norms of the society through his poems. He dislikes listening songs, poems composed by people as he laments that their words are irrelevant and could not be related with this life and started putting down his feelings in words. According to him, being blind makes him disconnected from the materialistic and emotional attachment with the earthly beings. But life has something up his sleeves. His life took another turn when Karabi entered his life. Karabi is a middle aged woman and widow staying as a tenant in his house. Karabi seeks solace in her singing to forget all her sorrows, loneliness and emptiness of her dead beloved husband. Karabi performs ‘Riyaz’ (Singing practice) everyday, which at first disturbed Ashim, though gradually it turned into an attraction. He gets attracted to her songs, her melancholic voice which makes him feel her sorrows and loneliness. This gradually makes him fall in love with her. But his love is not acceptable in the society he lives in. It is unimaginable for Karabi also. However, in the eyes of Ashim, his love is free from all bondages. This is because he is not a slave to the external beauty, colour of the skin, age difference, caste, religion etc. which other people give much priority to. But love is not the only thing that he finds within himself. He finds the same weakness, the same sexual desire and lust.

Sarcas Circa 2020

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Sarcas Circa 2020 (Drama)

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Status: Completed
Producer & Director: Vinu Kolichal
Writer: V Sudheesh Kumar, Vinu Kolichal
Sales Contact: +91 8606813877

After facing failure in almost every venture, Mr. F and Mr. J, two friends from a small town in Kerala embark on an adventurous journey to a nearby city. Mr. F receives a call from a stranger who persuades them to take up and finish a task. Sarcas Circa 2020 is a subjective take on how people with power lay out their connection with the ordinary people in the society and its manifestation in the lives of ordinary people we encounter in streets. Sarcas Circa 2020 captures and explores the experiences of the ordinary people and the uncertainties through which they oscillate between the known and the unknown.

Still Alive

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Still Alive (Psychodrama, Thriller)

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Status: Completed
Producer, Director, Writer: Onkar Diwadkar
Sales Contact: +91 9619640803

Meera’s world collapses after the unexpected breakup of her 5 years old relationship. Driving aimlessly she lands up at the beach. Driven by the sheer need to reach out to someone, she make a call to emotional support helpline; but nothing soothes her. She tries to end her life by drowning, but the sea had other ideas.





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Obsessed (Drama)

Status: Completed
Producer, Director, Writer: Nathan G
Sales Contact: +91 9443650558

A family man who got back his Obsessivecompulsive disorder while trying to protect his family by washing hands frequently on the fear of covid virus and how his family and others suffered from his sudden behavioural change.

Eti Nakhyatra

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Status : Completed
Producer, Director, Writer : Pankaj Mazumder
Email :
Sales Contact : +91 8254906457

Niro an aged woman, was abandoned on road by her own elder child Niren. Earlier she was taking care of by her second son Dhiren and Daughter in law Torali. After their accidental sudden death, she had been looked after by her elder son Niren and his wife Charo, who has two teenage daughters too. They also had to look after their orphan nephew Sanku. Due to poor economic condition they could not cope up their responsibilities properly. Ambitious and self-centric Charo somehow convinced her husband Niren to abandoned his mother. Accordingly, they did so. But Niro’s youngest son Biren, who lived far away in a Tea garden, came to rescue her. Eventually she had to take shelter in an Old Aged Home. But her youngest son was insisting her to return home with him. But she did not wish to return. After few days she faced some unwanted incidents, which make her mind to go back. Before returning home, in a TV interview, Niro revealed, she knew much earlier that she would to be abandoned by her own child. On the day abandoned, she hided her all pain and supported her ill minded son to be abandoned herself and tried her best to protect him from probable accusation. Before that she tried to awake his conscience too. But it was no use. Later, she framed to establish in her world that her son was missing. But due to alertness of police, she could not establish it properly. In the meantime, Niren and her wife Charo begged forgiveness for their act. But on the way to home she commit suicide. She felt that, old aged or senior citizens should get their respectable due life. They should not be deprived from their basic needs, love and care. Forgiveness may heal a criminal mind. But it would not eradicate crime from the society. Fight to eradicate crime is necessary.



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Mehrunisa Aims more Destinations

admin   March 1, 2021

Sandeep Kumar, Indian-origin Austrian filmmaker who is the producer and director of Mehrunisa, had its premier in the 51st Edition of IFFI Goa. With immense belief on its content, he is now eyeing for Mehrunisa to travel to more film festivals and also looking for a global sales agent at the European Film Market 2021

Your film Mehrunisa was part of the Indian Panorama section during 51st Edition of IFFI, Goa and was appreciated for its theme, esp 88-year old Farrukh Jaffar’s lead role…

Mehrunisa is the first Austrian feature film to be completely shot in India and in an Indian language. It was chosen as the Mid Fest Film at the 51st. International Film Festival of India in Goa (IFFI Goa) where it also had its World Premiere. Mehrunisa got “standing ovations” at the premiere and tremendous response from the audience and the media present at the festival. An additional screening was organized by the festival two days after the premiere on “public demand”. Great response came also for the theme of film addressing patriarchy, especially in the Indian film industry. It was also for the first time that an 88 year old Indian actress played a lead role. Veteran actress Farrukh Jaffar mesmerized the audience by her performance as Mehrunisa in her witty and bold face-off with the patriarchy of Bollywood.

Tell us about yourself? Were you in the same school as Shah Rukh Khan? Was he your senior ?

Indian superstar Shah Rukh Khan was my senior at St. Columba’s School in Delhi. I had a passion for English theatre and my first 2 plays were together with him.

What are your plans to take Mehrunisa to international territories? Have you found a sales agent? Are you looking for the film to travel to other festivals?

After a very successful world premiere at IFFI Goa, we intend to take our film to festivals around the globe. At the same time we are also looking for a suitable sales agent who could make our film accessible to a wider audience. Mehrunisa is a film on women empowerment, has a fascinating story and you have captured it well. As we approach International Women’s Day (March 8)

what was your objective in making the film?

The idea came to me a few years back. I wondered where all the wonderful Indian actresses I saw on the big screen during my childhood had disappeared. The male actors from that time, some way past their sixties and seventies, were still appearing as Heros. The older actresses, if seen  occasionally, had some small roles as a mother or grandmother. Place holders, so to say. I wondered whether there were no stories to be told from an older woman’s perspective. I felt it was time to address the patriarchy of the Indian film industry, also because its a reflection and simultaneously a trendsetter for the Indian society in general.

How did the Mehrunisa story develop?

It is so unique to have a women in eighties to lead the film… As I was writing the story I had Farrukh Jaffar on my mind to do the lead role. I had seen her films right from Muzaffar Ali’s iconic Umrao Jaan to Ritesh Batra’s Photograph (Berlinale/Sundance 2019) and felt that if someone could do justice to the role then it was her. I flew to Lucknow (India) from Vienna to meet her and was nervous whether she would like the story and would be ready to give us 30 days for the film as she was already 87 years old then. Farrukh Jaffar loved the narration and immediately gave me a big YES.

Why do you think Mehrunisa can have a global footprint and attract a wider audience?

Mehrunisa is an important film, not just for India but the entire world. Still, in majority of societies women cannot lead a self determined life, free to follow their dreams and aspirations. Most film industries are still male dominated. We hope that Mehrunisa could be a “game changer” in that mind-set.


Can you talk about your experience of shooting in Lucknow for Mehrunisa?

Lucknow was totally new for me. I just knew the city from Satyajit Ray’s epic film Shatranj Ke Khilari and wanted to discover it new for myself. Interestingly, a lot of people still live in the past over there. The nawabiyat (royalty, mostly male led) has not gone. It was perfect setting for Mehrunisa. Farrukh Jaffar is very well respected in the city and when the word spread that an Austrian crew has come to make a film with her, entirely set in Lucknow, almost the whole city came forward to help us. The hospitality and warmth of the people were amazing. Of course, there were some interesting challenges regarding time management with an Austrian and Indian crew working together, for which we found creative ways to solve soon.

With Mehrunisa, this is the first time an Austrian production has done a fullfledged film in India? How do you see India-Austria ties in the film and media sector?

Though Indian filmmakers have been coming to beautiful locations in the Austrian Alps for their song sequences, the trend in the other direction has been very limited. Mehrunisa’s world premiere at IFFI Goa made headlines in Austria and hopefully our film attracts more Austrian filmmakers to shoot in India. I am already working on the development of another story to be shot in both Austria and India.

What has been the impact of Pandemic? What are your plans for 2021? Any new film on the works?

The impact of the pandemic is enormous. The cinema halls are still all closed in Austria and shooting is very restricted. I am currently working on 3 new scripts, one is an Indian story set in Austria, another one is an Austrian story set in India and the third is an American film set in New York City.

You wear the hat of a producer as well as the director? Does this convergence work well?

That has two sides to it. On the one hand it can be very conducive to process of filmmaking. You are fully independent to execute the way you want your story to be without any interference. On the other hand, it can distract you from the creative process. Often its a necessity for independent filmmakers when they cannot find an appropriate producer who shares their enthusiasm for a particular project.

Where do theatres fit into the ecosystem now with the rise of the streaming platforms?

Streaming platforms are for consuming content. If you want to experience, enjoy and immerse yourself in a story you have to be in a theatre. That’s what I feel.

Who are your mentors?

Life itself, people around me and my experiences give me the inspiration and the ideas I need for my films. Apart from that, I’m a big admirer of Mira Nair and Gurinder Chadda for making crossover films and connecting cultures. In Austria its Michael Haneke who I learnt a lot from.

Team Mehrunisa at IFFI, Goa

Mehrunisa screams loud against the male-dominated Indian film industry. The Umrao Jaan fame Farrukh Jaffar has played the role of an 80-year-old actress who boldly tells the audience to follow their dreams and that age doesn’t matter. An Austrian film in Hindi language and the Mid-Fest Film at the 51st International Film Festival of India, it had its World Premiere at the festival.

Austrian filmmaker of Indian origin Sandeep Kumar lives in Vienna and focuses not only on fictional feature films but also on documentaries which depict exciting life stories. In 2010 he released the first Austro- Indian film ‘Kesariya Balam (Love Without Borders)’ which received many awards including ‘Best Director’ and ‘Best Film’. ‘Servus Ishq’ (2014), his second film, had a nationwide release and was produced by Oscar winning producer Josef Aichholzer (The Counterfeiters, AT 2007). Creedless, Another Day in Manhattan and Mehrunisa followed in the years after that. Kumar discovered his passion for films through the theatre in India where he shared the stage with Indian superstar Shah Rukh Khan at school. During his studies in Germany and USA, Kumar shot numerous short films. He attended acting and film workshops and was guest listener in Michael Haneke’s class at the Film Academy in Vienna. Kumar is member of the Austrian Film Academy and the Association of Austrian Directors.


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Delhi Photographer Sohrab Hura’s Film The Coast in Berlinale’s Forum Expanded

admin   February 9, 2021

Renowned Delhi photographer Sohrab Hura’s 17-minute film The Coast will have its world premiere at the virtual edition of the Berlinale’s Forum Expanded section.

Hura is only the second Indian photographer after Raghu Rai to be part of the global photography collective Magnum Photos.

The 16th Edition of Forum Expanded selection consists of shorts, medium-length films and features, and will screen 17 films as well as art installations. In the Shorts program, a total of 20 titles will compete for the Berlinale prizes this year. European Film Market runs from march 1 to 5, 2021.

Hura’s short film The Coast, is part of photobook of the same title, a larger project The Lost Head and the Bird, which explores “the frightening post-truth world, with a focus on the socio-political environment in India.”

“As the country has gradually slipped into growing polarization and violence, Hura noticed that his parents were becoming victims of disinformation. He felt the need to express his observations and unease through his own visual language, and the project was first released as a short film (which in addition to Hura’s photographs, also uses an archive of found and researched images). The photobook is its most recent iteration, and while the film and the book use different approaches, they both explore storytelling through visual elements,” said Olga Yatskevich in Collector Daily. “The photobook is its most recent iteration, and while the film and the book use different approaches, they both explore storytelling through visual elements.”

The Coast opens with an absurd short story that leads into a sequence of images taken along the Indian coastline. The Coast centers around the character of Madhu, who has lost her head – literally. Her head was stolen by her lover, and other characters includes a fortune-teller, an idiot photographer — and story is retold 12 times in The Coast, photobook.

The Coast can be watched by the Press and EFM Industry during Berlinale EFM 2021 beginning March 1.

Hura’s earlier film Bittersweet focuses on the filmmaker’s mother—diagnosed with acute paranoid schizophrenia—and her dog, Elsa. A search for meaning and closure, and a means of questioning and discovering the banalities of everyday life.



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Berlinale Talents 2021: Nine Talents from India

admin   February 8, 2021

Amidst the pandemic, Berlinale Talents creates a space for encounters, networks and exchanges during the European Film Market. Berlinale Talents has selected 205 film professionals – 113 women, 84 men and 8 who preferred to not state their gender – from 65 countries. Placed under the theme of “Dreams,” this 19th edition will take place between 1-5 March.

As the first part of this twofold Berlinale 2021, chosen Talents as well as a host of guests and the public are invited into a virtual forum which will showcase the unending possibilities and dream worlds of film: an opportunity to begin building and sharing a global vision for the cinema of the future. The initiative draws not only on the utopic potential of dreams – crucial to so many of us these days – but also brings into sight the many fascinating parallels between the nocturnal film sets we visit in our sleep and the dream-machine that is cinema.

Together the 205 Talents will participate in a 5-day virtual programme featuring tailor-made events with internationally renowned experts holding workshops and talks, some of which are open to the public via

All the World at Home

This year, set-designer Uli Hanisch (The Queen’s Gambit, Babylon Berlin) will transform the HAU Hebbel Theatre am Ufer into a digital set, allowing Berlinale Talents to convert the distance between the homes of participants from 65 countries and the HAU Theatre into an “SDream,” or an augmented meeting point. “It’s just like being in a dream: Talents, audience and guests will be in Berlin and elsewhere at the same time. The alleged opposition between ‘Real’ and ‘Virtual’ is consumed by our optimistic ‘Everywhere’ for this edition of Berlinale Talents – a programmatic dream journey, which gives new form to our vision for a creative world without boundaries,” in the words of Berlinale Talents heads Christine Tröstrum and Florian Weghorn. The complete programme, including events for the film industry, talks and live-workshops open to the public will be published mid-February.

205 Selected Talents

Not only streaming, sdreaming! Together with 205 invited participants (from 65 countries, selected from a pool of 3,000 applicants), Berlinale Talents is committed to scouting out new paths for a creative industry in the midst of radical change. Talents bring the basic ingredients for such an endeavour: each with their individual strengths and hopes, they come from 13 disciplines and with about 10 years of professional experience under their belts. And all firmly believe in the transformative potential of a community that did not wait for a crisis to actively address challenges and works to ”dream on.” For the first time in 2021, the group includes emerging curators of festivals, innovative VOD-platforms and communal cinemas that shape the future of the audience experience from Indonesia to Mexico. 55% of participants this year define themselves as female, a top value that waits to be replicated industry-wide, as so many applications unmistakably called for. And a broader trend: the social engagement of Talents goes far beyond their films. As creative entrepreneurs they are strongly committed to fairer working relations and equal pay, they are founding film collectives and cinema associations to strengthen their position, and they advocate in favour of indigenous communities, against climate change and for the queer community. But above all else, all 205 Talents are daring daydreamers, about whose work you can find out more at

9 Talents live in or come from India

  • Tathagata Ghosh, director and screenwriter. His short “Miss Man”, which tells the story of a gay man in a rural village, whose father wants to marry him off to the daughter of a relative, travelled the international festival circuit, garnering several accolades; his short “The Demon” is currently streaming on MX Player and Cinemapreneur and will soon release on Disney+Hotstar.
  • Cinematographer Paromita Dhar, interested in (Post)Migration, lensed “Birha” (Absence) which premiered in Busan International film festival, IDFA and Yamagata in 2018-19, furthermore DoP on award-winning documentary project “Behind the Tin Sheets” about construction workers in Bangalore
  • Tanaji Dasgupta is a producer, writer and actor. He has co-written and produced “The Hungry” (dir: Bornila Chatterjee), which premiered at the 2017 Toronto Film Festival and was acquired by Amazon Prime Video, and produced “Cat Sticks” (dir: Ronny Sen), which premiered and won the Jury Honorable Mention at the 2019 Slamdance Film Festival, and was acquired by MUBI.

The Indian selection is complemented by three Indian filmmakers living and working abroad

The Indian director and selected Berlinale Talents Doc Station 2021 participant Kinshuk Surjan, who lives between Brussels and Bhopal, his bachelor graduation film POLA won the Indian National Student Film Award for Best Film and Best Script in 2013 and the master graduation film DE FLANDRIEN won the Flanders Audiovisual Fund’s VAF WILDCARD

Bedatri Datta Choudhury, a US-based film critic who writes for publications such as Buzzfeed, Forbes, Reverse Shot, IndieWire, and Vice

US-based director and screenwriter Shuchi Talati, whose most recent work “A Period Piece,” about an afternoon of period (i.e. menstruation) sex, was selected for SXSW 2020.