By Pickle  March 1, 2021
Theri, Pickle Media

Theri (Action)

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Status: Completed
Producer: V Creations
Director: Atlee
Writer: Atlee, S. Ramana Girivasan
Sales Contact: +91 4442965900

Joseph (Vijay) lives in a small town of Kerala. He lives with his 6-year old daughter (Baby Nainika as Nivi) and his close ally Rajendran. Annie (Amy Jackson) is Nivi’s class teacher who develops an interest over Joseph. This peaceful life of Joseph is shaken when a group of local goons from Kerala crosses path. They try to attack his daughter as a part of their revenge. Left with no option, he comes out of his shell showing his true face to the world. He thrashes the goons. Annie, who sees this is shocked. Vijay reveals his past to Annie. As one leads to other Vijay’s past starts haunting him again. How he raises back and faces the opponents forms the rest of the movie.

Theri, Pickle Media

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