By Pickle  October 20, 2022
Kittu, Pickle Media

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Kittu is a 9 year old sweet, shy and small-made boy who has a great aptitude for science, thanks to his friendship with an eccentric but kind old neighbor – Prof Diwan – who inculcates in Kittu the habit of reading, observing and healthy scientific curiosity. Kittu is a voracious reader and also cannot resist solving puzzles and riddles whenever he gets an opportunity. • However, Kittu’s fascination for reading and academics comes at a cost. All his classmates consider Kittu a social outcast as he is too shy to mingle freely and looks too scholarly. His classmates often exclude Kittu from group activities like sports and dramatics despite Kittu’s desire to participate Further, some of the mean kids also take great pleasure in bullying Kittu for the way he looks and his soft nature; and often Kittu is the butt of their jokes and pranks. • Whenever Kittu’s best friend, Dinku, tries to stand up for him, he is also equally bullied and restrained from complaining to the school headmaster – Principal Pillai. • At home, Kittu faces a different kind of problem. While his mother wants Kittu to excel at studies – which means she wants Kittu to spend most of his time at home studying – his father [a police officer] wants Kittu to excel at sports and games – which means he wants Kittu to devote less time to studies and more time to master a sport. Kittu therefore is often caught between his parents who both have diverse expectations from him.


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Producer: Reliance Animation Studios Pvt. Ltd.
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