Pickle – Special Edition on Media Industry Veteran Amit Khanna

Pickle – Special Edition on Media Industry Veteran Amit Khanna, Pickle Media

Pickle Magazine is working to complete a special edition on veteran industry leader Amit Khanna (Poet, writer, filmmaker, media guru) who has completed five decades in the media sector. The occasion is to celebrate five decades of Amit Khanna prior to the launch of his new book (Words, Sounds, Images History of Media & Entertainment in India — from the times of the Indus Valley Civilization right up to the twenty-first century). This special edition of Pickle is visualized to spotlight Amit Khanna’s five decades in the Indian media sector and way forward. Please send your reflections brief, points and it can also be narration of a specific incident (it can be as brief as 50 or 100 words or as long as 450 words). We would love to have your photos with Amit Khanna. Submissions will be subjected to editing.  We would like to have your views latest by December 7, 2019 (Saturday). If you have questions pls whatsapp at 9324516661