Jallikattu Festival of the Untameable Spirit

By Pickle  October 19, 2022
Jallikattu Festival of the Untameable Spirit, Pickle Media

Documentary | Completed | 2022 | India

Jallikattu is a popular bull taming sport that takes place in Tamil Nadu, India during the festival of Pongal. A centuries old practice, it dates back to the Sangam era when it was known as ‘Eru thazuval’ or embracing the bull. The term Jallikattu comes from the Tamil phrase ‘salli kaasu’ which means coins and kattu which means a package that is tied to the bulls horns as prize money. There are variations in the sport but the crux of it requires fighters to pounce on a running bull and try and hold onto its hump for a specific period of time or distance without falling off or getting hurt. The bull will try everything in its power to disengage the rider, shaking them off, stamping them, rearing up and at times even goring fallen participants. It takes one who is fleet footed with quick reflexes and has boundless courage to attempt this sport. Exemplified as a sign of bravery, this historic sport has breathed new life into the survival of the rare breed of Pulikulam bulls and is world over regarded as one of the most dangerous, thrilling and adrenaline pumping festivals ever. Watch as brave fighters come forward to take their chances while taming the beast. Join them as they celebrate the festival of the untameable spirit.


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