Manikarnika The Burning Ghat Of Varanasi

By Pickle  October 31, 2022
Manikarnika The Burning Ghat Of  Varanasi, Pickle Media

Manikarnika Ghat is the most popular of the cremation grounds along the riverfronts of the holy Ganga River. This is the gateway to heaven where the human soul attains moksha or salvation after death. The main burning ghat is one of the most auspicious places for a Hindu to be cremated. Roughly midway between the confluence of Assi and Ganga marks the southern boundary of the sacred city.

The last rites that take place here is an experience like no other in the city of Banaras. The holy scriptures of Hinduism maintain that Manikarnika Ghat attains the highest position among all ghats. This is why the ghat is called Mahasmasana or great cremation ground. Here the soul reaches salvation in the everending sacred pyres. Watch as the feature unfolds to tell us about the Manikarnika Ghat which holds an auspicious place in the Hindu customs.


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