The Secret Lives Of Aghori Sadhus

By Pickle  October 31, 2022
The Secret Lives Of Aghori Sadhus, Pickle Media

The Aghoris are a small group of ascetics that are Shaiva sadhus. They follow the path of occult Aghori rituals in crematoriums. This is where they seek the prana or energy of the dead and attain detachment from human emotions. They roam naked and stay away from the world of illusions. They are fearless and eat everything from human faeces, animal flesh to the meat of the dead.

The belief of Aghor stems from the fact that everything God has created is beautiful. This is a cult of Hinduism known as the cannibal cult of India and notorious in its practices. They spend several years of their life in hardships to become Aghori as they wander the cremation grounds. Smeared with the ashes of the dead on their bodies and jewellery made from the bones of corpses, the Aghoris have the ultimate aim to break away from the cycle of rebirth. The documentary reveals the shocking world of the Aghori spiritual practices in their worship of Lord Shiva.


Director: Gopinath
Producer: Kunal Daswani
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