Aadarsh Private Limited

By Pickle  October 14, 2019
Aadarsh Private Limited, Pickle Media

Animation, gaming, smart books


Looking for Broadcasters, OTT Platforms for The Purple Turtle pre school series. Work for hire projects of 2D Animation, Interactive Books, Gaming, Book Designing, Bible Designing, Style Guides, Printing and Publishing

Established in 1989, Aadarsh Private Limited is creators and IP owners of Purple Turtle, Colour Fairies, Jack/Chaos and Magic Busterz. Service providers for 2D Animation, Interactive Books, Book Designing, Bible Designing, Styles Guides, Printing (Disney Approved), Publishing, Apps and Games. It helps IP owners who have animated content, create Smart
Books which help in multiplying their book sales. Aadarsh is Co Producers and Commissioning Broadcasters for Colour Fairies an Ever Green Girls IP for Pre-Schoolers, Jack/Chaos and Magic Busters.

2D Animation, Gaming, Interactive Smart Book

Aadarsh Private Limited, Pickle Media


EMAIL : manish.rajoria@aa- darsh.com

WEBSITE : http://www.purpleturtle.com

DIRECTOR : Manish Rajoria

COMPLETED PROJECTS : Purple Turtle Learning Videos, Rhymes and Stories

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