Animation Co-Production Projects by Graphiti

By Pickle  September 14, 2020
Animation Co-Production Projects by Graphiti, Pickle Media

Seeking Co-Production partners at TIFF

Kul Veera

Kul Veera is the story of five princes in waiting who are training at the most exclusive academy of the land together with their bitter rivals. Before becoming the legendary heroes of the classic Indian epic, Mahabharata, they were just teenagers each of whom dreamed of becoming Kul Veera, the hero of the clan. Kul Veera theatrical short was co-developed and co produced with Carton Network Asia as a part of Snaptoons program. It was the top rated short of the program.

90 minutes
Pilot Completed


Producer: Munjal Shroff

Director: Tilak Shetty

Trailer link:

World of OO

The World of OO – is Baby’s busy box, it has been co-developed by Honest Entertainment and Graphiti. Babies will love it. Moms and Dads will even like it too. The World of OO is simple and lovely to look at. Here is a little rectangle of life in motion brought to you by small and entertaining friends. It is funny, active, spontaneous, tender and sweet. The sounds, rhythms and beats of life will engage the ears – MUSIKAZOO. Colorful scenes with familiar shape and characters that literally pop out taking the babies on a visual adventures – PEEKABOO. Bouncing baby kangaroos jump from Ma’s pouch to chase a baby bunny and imitate its bounce – SKIPTOMAROO. Little monkey friends see and try to do what babies can. BABY ‘SEZ’ and MONKEY- DOO.

26 x 22 mins & 104 x 6 mins


Producers: Munjal Shroff & Joanna Ferrone

Director: Munjal Shroff

Writers: Joanna Ferrone & James Occhino


Meet YOM – a yoga-master supersleuth, who kicks butt with his awesome animal powers. Yom seems like a regular kid – he avoids homework, loves gadgets and gleefully outsmarts the school bully. But… every time Yom strikes a yoga pose that is based on a particular animal…he gains that animal’s powers! He can swoop like an eagle, track scent like a dog, or even swim like a fish! However, to his horror…he also absorbs the animal’s weaknesses! Yom grapples with his unique powers to battle dastardly villains and keep his town safe. The series is airing on Disney Channel India since May 2017 and also available on Netflix in major territories in North America, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Indian sub-continent. It already has 20 million viewers in India on Disney Channel

52 x 11mins
Completed- Season 1.
Seeking Partner for SEASON 2


Producers: Munjal Shroff & Tilak Shetty

Directors: Munjal Shroff & Tilak Shetty


Studio: Graphiti


Phone: +91 9821148757


Munjal Shroff, Director & COO, Graphiti Multimedia is a veteran in the animation space and has developed world-class animation properties

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