Baby Little Singham

By Pickle  October 30, 2023
Baby Little Singham, Pickle Media

Pre Schooler,Slapstick Comedy,Action,Adventure|General and Kids|3D|13 Episodes x 22 mins 5 Medleys x 22 mins|2023|India

The quality of the show can be like LS (Little singam). There is no much dialogues. There are very few, whenever it is necessary…and All babies could speak “GO GOO GA GAAs”… It has to be thoroughly an Entertainer. Everyone should love BLS and cheeky’s laughter. BLS has a unique sense like spider man sense…He can feel/sense or gets the indication/caution before any danger comes. His nose will start twitching to indicate the danger. Bring out gag from every action and reactions. Do not use lot of dynamic angles. Keep the show snappy and timing crisp.



Producer/S: Reliance Animation Studios Pvt. Ltd.
Director: Vikram Veturi
Status: Completed
Sales Rights: Worldwide excluding India, SAARC, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.
Phone: +91 9373529935

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