Brio Studio Pvt Ltd

By Pickle  October 14, 2019
Brio Studio Pvt Ltd, Pickle Media

Complete Animation Services


Brio Studio is looking forward to pitch its IPs to investors and or producers.
and to obtain animation service work from small & large media channels as well as from larger production companies

Brio Studio, based in India, is a premier animation company dedicated to producing kids content that is inclusive, entertaining and high quality and also provides the full spectrum of pre-production, animation, and post production Services, with top talents in top writers, storyboard artists, and production crew. Brio was founded in 2015 as a small Animation and VFX production company. Since then, it has continued to pursue the same goal: producing content that is engaging, entertaining and educational for today’s children and their parents.


End to end animation services includes:
Pre Production | Asset | Animation
FX | Lighting | Compositing




CEO : Amit Ramekar

DIRECTOR : Dharati Ramekar

COMPLETED PROJECTS : Ghayal Once Again, Ek Hota Kau, Mitraa Dil- a-Nadan

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