Chotu Lambu and Robu

By Pickle  October 20, 2022
Chotu Lambu and Robu, Pickle Media

Sci-Fi | Comedy | Adventure | Completed | 2021 | India

Chotu and Lambu are two aliens from planet Zuda Disguised as humans, sent on a mission to learn more about earthlings by their planet leader and strict Boss Khilzo. Keeping them company is their AI robot Robu and their talking donkey friend Sundar. On this strange planet called Earth, the classic pair of accidental heroes Chotu and Lambu unwittingly rise to save the day. This show is a comical feast of the earthly misadventures of this bunch exploring earth on their spaceship named Common Sense!


Eenadu Television Private Limited

Producer: Ramoji Rao
Director: Anish Patel
Status: Completed
Sales Rights: India
Phone: +91 9121160388

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