Dragonero-Tales of Paladins

By Pickle  October 30, 2023
Dragonero-Tales of Paladins, Pickle Media

Fantasy, Action, Adventure|2023|26 Episodes x 22 Minutes

In Erondár, a fantasy land dominated by magic, a teenager, Ian, with his sister Myrva and their orc friend, Gmor, face the threat of a powerful and evil Sorceress, Arcana, who wants to impose her rule over the world. A Dragon, imprisoned in a cave by an ancient spell, will lead our heroes. The Dragon will forge a mystical connection of minds with Ian. On a ship that can take them through great distances instantly, Ian, Myrva & Gmor fight against the monstrous creatures, the Destroyers, sent by Arcana to corrupt Nature and create a world in her own image. One challenge after another, our heroes will have to face demanding tests that will help them understand the values of friendship and solidarity even better.



Producer/S: Power Kids Entertainment
Status: Completed
Sales Rights: Worldwide (Except Italian speaking Europe, MENA, New Zealand, CIS & Baltics).
Email: distribution@powerkidsentertainment.com
Phone: +91 9949996815

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