Fido Xtreme Shorts

By Pickle  October 20, 2022
Fido Xtreme Shorts, Pickle Media

13 x 1min | Animation | Completed

Fido Xtreme Shorts is a series of one minute shorts which features Fido applying his unique Fidosophies to the his universe of extraordinary situations. But this time Fido is not alone, as he is accompanied by his “buddy” The Dawg. The shorts have no dialogues. Graphiti has partnered with Joanna Ferrone, Creator of Angela Anaconda & Fido Dido to create Fido Xtreme Shorts. It is now seeking Broadcasters & Co-producers for production of 104 x 1 minute shorts.



Producer/s: Joanna Ferrone & Munjal Shroff
Director/s: Munjal Shroff & Tilak Shetty
Sales Rights: Broadcast, OTT & L&M
Phone: +91 9821148757

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