Jurassic Genius by Brio Studio

By Pickle  September 14, 2020
Jurassic Genius by Brio Studio, Pickle Media

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Jurassic Genius

An action-adventure animated series, “Jurassic Genius” quite literally brings the future – and comedy – to the past! Tibu’s a ten-year-old caveboy stuck in a world of his fellow less-than-brilliant cave people. But unlike those around him, he’s had a knack for all things science and inventing from a young age. Unfortunately, some in his village, like the somewhat-evil-but-maybe-just-uninformed Chieftain Zako, are a bit resistant to change, trying their best to sabotage or steal his inventions – oftentimes to hilariously disastrous results. But luckily, others, including his loving-but-naive parents and baby brother, are much more supportive. And Tibu’s far from alone in his tinkering. His close friends – the courageous Zinnie and the hulking Gurt – are always eager to help him out and go along for the ride, even if they never quite understand just what it is he’s working on – or what they’re getting themselves into. But whether he’s inventing a device to hatch dinosaur eggs or a gigantic cork to plug a volcanic eruption, Tibu’s just the genius that the jurassic world needs!

52 epiosdes, CGI-Animation
in production


Producer/s: BRIO STUDIO

Director/s: DHARATI

Estimated Budget: $ 7’600’000


Trailer link: https://vimeo.com/manage/376521317/general

Email: amit@brio-studio.com

Phone/Whatsapp: +919975000451

Website: http://www.briostudio.in


Brio Studio is an animation company dedicated to producing kids content that is inclusive, entertaining and high quality.

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