Kim by Maya Digital Studios Pvt Ltd

By Pickle  September 14, 2020
Kim by Maya Digital Studios Pvt Ltd, Pickle Media

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KIM is the orphan son of a disgraced British soldier who has survived by his wits on the streets of Lahore for as long as he can remember. His vagabond life takes an unexpected turn when he meets TESHOO, a Buddhist/ Shaolin monk from over the Northern mountains who is journeying across India to discover the mythical River of the Arrow. It is said that a dip in this river leads to enlightenment. Kim agrees to aid the strange holy man in his quest. As they traverse the country, they are sucked into “the Great Game” of power being played by the many nations seeking to control India and its resources. When his lineage is revealed to a British Army Colonel, Kim is taken from Teshoo by the British, who, seeing how clever and cunning Kim is, train him to be a spy in service of the Empire. Kim’s allegiance to the Brits and his monk come to a head in a fight for the future of India that ends with Kim and Teshoo preventing a bloody war and finding the sacred river…

90 mins
Action Adventure
Pilot in Production


Producer/s: Cosmos Animation Singapore Pte ltd

Director/s: Ketan Mehta

Estimated Budget: USD 12 Mn

Studio: Maya Digital Studios Pvt Ltd


Phone/Whatsapp: +49 172 9295499

Maya Digital Studios Pvt Ltd

Founded by internationally acclaimed Indian filmmakers Ketan Mehta and Deepa Sahi, Cosmos-Maya is a Singapore and India based Animation Company that produces high quality 3D as well as 2D animation content.

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