KTB – Bharat Hain Hum

By Pickle  October 30, 2023
KTB – Bharat Hain Hum, Pickle Media

Action|Kids|Season 1 – 26 x 11 completed|Season 2 – 26 x 11 in pre-production|2023|India

Krish, Trish, Baltiboy and Sanskriti present the stories of the unsung heroes of the Indian Freedom Struggle. India has been attacked by coloniser from Europe starting with the Portuguese in 1505. We had to fight so many battles till we eventually won our freedom from the British on 15th August, 1947. These stories are about men and women, kings and queens, warriors and tribal leaders who fought the war of freedom against all these foreign invaders. These brave hearts sacrificed everything, there dreams, their riches and their very lives to free our country. Our nation is built on the sacrifices of so many of these unsung heroes and our series attempts to bring alive their glorious tales of valour and sacrifice using the medium of animation and crisp story telling.



Producer/S: Graphiti and CBC
Director: Tilak Shettu
Sales Rights: Worldwide
Website: https://www.graphitimultimedia.com/ktb.html
Email: munjal@graphiti.net
Phone: +91 9821148757

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