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By Pickle  October 15, 2019
NE Media Syndication, Pickle Media

TV Content Syndication


It can offer Films, Drama series, Animations, Educational Programs, Lifestyle Programs, Documentary, Infotainment Programs, Reality shows, Wildlife series, Sports in all Indian and foreign languages, scripts in English for dubbing in any language.

Since the company has regular business with its existing international suppliers, getting titles for new clients/territory will be easier for it and also NE can get it at very competitive prices

NE Media Syndication, headquartered in Chennai and its affiliate Thej Entertainment, India has associate offices based out of Texas, US and Global Trading Entertainment Pte. Ltd, Singapore as well. It is one of the leading media syndication business in India catering to the content requirement needs of International Television Channels.

The company has been carrying out operations for close to three decades, with close business relationships with leading media houses, production houses across the world.




CEO : V Nagarajan

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