Rajshri Entertainment Pvt Ltd

By Pickle  October 16, 2019
Rajshri Entertainment Pvt Ltd, Pickle Media

Producing fiction and non fiction content


Selling our premium movies & shows

Rajshri Entertainment is India’s leading digital entertainment studio. It is the new media arm of the 72 year old Rajshri group, one of India’s oldest, largest and most successful film and TV studios.

It produces Indian & International food shows, Kids shows, Yoga & lifestyle shows. It also has a large catalog of popular Bollywood movies across multiple genres. This content is then widely distributed and monetized across the world’s leading digital and traditional platforms. Rajshri Entertainment has built a large audience worldwide that consumes entertainment content on-demand anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Rajshri Entertainment Pvt Ltd, Pickle Media


EMAIL : inderpal@rajshri.com

WEBSITE : http://www.rajshri.com

CEO : Neha Barjatya

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