The Amazing World of Deepa & Anoop

By Pickle  October 16, 2022
The Amazing World of Deepa & Anoop, Pickle Media

The musical series follows the adventures of Deepa, a sevenyear-old girl, and her best friend Anoop, a half-ton colorchanging baby elephant. The dynamic duo creates music, merriment, and mischief while they work together to solve the simplest of problems with the most imaginative of solutions

Deepa and Anoop have a wonderful, innocent friendship. Even though Deepa frequently uses overtly enthusiastic schemes to her advantage, Anoop always has Deepa’s back because she genuinely cares
about him and never stops trying to mend fences. Welcome to the sweet, innocent and amazing world of Deepa and Anoop, the first original series on Mattel Television based on original intellectual property, which was produced by Kickstart Entertainment and was conceived by renowned animator Munjal Shroff, accomplished writer Lisa Goldman, and award-winning producer Heather Kenyon.

Friendship, respect for others’ feelings, and caring for others are some of the values that the preschool series hopes to instil in the impressionable young minds of its Netflix audience in over 90 countries speaking 26 languages. The show gives viewers a taste of Indian culture, food, traditions, language, and vibrant festivals as it seeks to become a part of the happy childhood memories of
millions of children around the world.

Deepa’s family is friendly and affectionate, and they adore one another. They accept each other for who they are and focus on their strengths while laughing off their flaws. Her partner in crime is a 200 pound colour changing baby elephant. His colour along with his big expressive eyes, his funky trunk and his big floppy ears tell you exactly what Anoop is feeling.

The Amazing World of Deepa & Anoop, Pickle Media

The official Mango Manor welcomers, Deepa and Anoop are always eager to make visitors’ stays memorable and comfortable. During this time, Deepa would go into hyper-hospitality mode and say, “I know exactly what to do.” For Anoop, these words frequently spell trouble. But Anoop would gladly help Deepa with her plans to provide comfort for the visitors to Mango Manor.

Most Indian movie songs, particularly in older films, would transport the actors to fantastical or exotic locations. Therefore, the creators thought it would be entertaining to do so, as Deepa solves all of the problems in Bollywood style, one song at a time. This allows kids to join Deepa and Anoop on their adventures by travelling with them to these fun fantastical scenarios.

The development of this “fun, safe, and wholesome” show began in 2006, but Munjal Shroff’s business partner at Graphiti and his mentor, the late Ram Mohan, were always eager to create programmes that would allow Indian stories to be told and Indian culture to be shared with the rest of the world.

Ram Mohan, the late Chairman of Graphiti Studio had invited Lisa Goldman to India to do an animation writing workshop. Lisa was making her first trip to Mumbai and had simply fallen in love with India. She was a kid in a candy store, loving the food, culture, people, and, Bollywood! The show started as an idea that features an Indian girl, her pet, and her hilarious Indian family. The character was named Dimple (now Deepa) because she has the sweetest smile with lovely dimples.

The Amazing World of Deepa & Anoop, Pickle Media

“If you lose your smile, it’s Dimple’s mission to bring it back — Bollywood style!” was one of the early log lines for the show, recalls Munjal Shroff. The creators wanted to do something unique for the pet and elephants come to everyone’s mind when relating to India. So they thought it would be cool if Deepa could have a 200-pound baby elephant as a friend and accomplice. Everyone who joined the journey after that thoroughly enjoyed bringing these characters to life, fell in love with Deep and Anoop, and in some way enriched them.

Heather was someone Lisa and Munjal Shroff had known for a long time. They frequently sought her advice and kept her up to date on all developments on the show. They decided to bring Heather on
board in mid-2012 so that they could work closely with her on the show’s development.

Munjal Shroff believes that children are the most valuable audience in the world, and that it is the responsibility of creators to create shows that are engaging, fun, safe, and wholesome. Kids are also a brutally honest audience who will be fiercely loyal to shows they enjoy. “The opportunity to create a show and characters that kids will fall in love with and lavish their love and adoration on is a joy and deeply satisfying experience for me,” he admits. While Mattel is well-known for creating entertainment content based on its fan-favorite brands, they were thrilled to collaborate with Netflix on a heartwarming series based on original IP.

Mattel Television’s Senior Vice President of Creative, Christopher Keenan, hopes that young audiences around the world will find this heartwarming series as authentic as it is relatable. It is Mattel’s first original series based on entirely new intellectual property.

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