Abai Aiming For Karnataka’s Excellence

By Pickle  February 4, 2024
Abai Aiming For Karnataka’s Excellence, Pickle Media

In the vibrant landscape of India’s AVGC sector, the Animation, VFX, and Gaming Association of India (ABAI) emerges as a pivotal force, steering Karnataka towards digital technology prominence

Established in 2006 as a non-profit organization, ABAI plays a crucial role in connecting industry, academia, government, and the community, acting as a catalyst for the comprehensive development of the AVGC ecosystem in the country. ABAI envisions positioning Karnataka as a global hub for Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming, and Comics (AVGC). It aims to achieve this transformative goal through strategic initiatives encompassing skill development, market growth, startup support, infrastructure enhancement, and policy advocacy. With a focus on fostering digital arts, ABAI pioneers projects like the Finishing School, collaborates with the government to integrate digital labs into educational institutions, and organizes impactful industry events. The association’s recommendations for a new AVGC policy reflect a forward-thinking approach, outlining a roadmap to establish world-class infrastructure, financial incentives, and a digital media city. ABAI’s overarching objective is to create a thriving ecosystem that propels Karnataka’s AVGC industry into a new era of global prominence and innovation.

Navigating the Industry:

ABAI’s multifaceted approach involves active involvement in skill development, market and ecosystem enhancement, support for startups and IP creation, infrastructure development, and policy recommendations. A standout initiative includes proposing the creation of a Finishing School—a groundbreaking endeavor to produce production-ready talent. Collaborating with the Government of Karnataka, ABAI facilitates the integration of digital arts into Fine Arts Colleges across the state, ushering in a new era of creativity and innovation.

Fostering Talent:

The commitment to fostering digital arts extends to ABAI’s organization of high-profile industry events, such as the annual flagship Bengaluru GAFX, Digital Arts Symposium, and dedicated tracks during Bengaluru Technology Summit. ABAI’s global outreach includes representation at esteemed international summits, ensuring Karnataka’s AVGC companies remain connected with global advancements in technology and creativity.

Strategic Recommendations for AVGC Policy:

ABAI’s forward-thinking approach is evident in the impactful recommendations made for Karnataka’s new AVGC policy. With the vision to position Bengaluru as a global AVGC hub, the policy proposes world-class infrastructure, enticing financial concessions, and incentives. A digital media city, housing the Centre of Excellence, AVGC Post Production Lab, incubator, game testing facilities, and a stateof-the-art rendering farm, is on the horizon. This visionary initiative is complemented by the establishment of a high-end finishing school, creating a comprehensive ecosystem for AVGC excellence.

ABAI’s journey encapsulates a relentless pursuit of excellence, seamlessly weaving together education, industry collaboration, and policy advocacy to propel Karnataka’s AVGC sector into the digital era. As Bengaluru GAFX 2024 unfolds, it stands as a testament to ABAI’s transformative impact on Karnataka’s digital technology landscape.

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