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By Pickle  February 13, 2024
From The editor – Pickle, Pickle Media

We’re thrilled to unveil the latest edition of Pickle for Berlinale and European Film Market 2024, marking our 16th presence at these events.As tradition holds, Berlinale continues to spotlight Indian cinema, with over half a dozen noteworthy Indian filmmakers featured in this year’s selections.

Among them are Raam Reddy’s The Fable, starring Manoj Bajpayee (ENCOUNTERS), P S Vinothraj’s Adamant Girl, and Sidhartha Jatla’s In the Belly of a Tiger (FORUM), alongside Gavati Wad’s O Seeker, Utkarsh’s Remote Occlusions, Sunil Sangzgiri’s Two Refusals (FORUM EXPANDED), Nishi Dugar’s Sour Candy, and Subarna Dash’s The Girl Who Lived in the Loo (GENERATION SHORT FILMS). Notably, talents formerly part of Berlinale Talents now shine on the festival stage, solidifying Berlinale’s status alongside the Toronto International Film Festival in championing Indian cinema annually.

India maintains a strong presence at Berlinale/EFM, offering both mainstream and independent Indian filmmakers and producers a vital platform for showcasing their work and exploring co-production opportunities with global studios. This year saw over 30 Indian companies and 120 delegates in attendance, underscoring India’s growing engagement on the international cinematic scene.

We are pleased to announce Government’s significant incentives geared at increasing film shooting, co-production, and post-production operations in India, with the ultimate goal of establishing the country as a global filmmaking hub.

With the latest announcement of upto $3.6 million in incentives, India is now one of the world’s largest incentive givers. Already, over half-a-dozen projects have received approval, with co-production activity notably on the rise. With 16 co-productions underway and support from states and streamlined business processes, the Indian film and audiovisual industry experiences a significant surge, particularly in post-production, animation, and VFX services. For further details and opportunities, visit the film facilitation office at India Stand 38, Martin-Gropius-Bau, European Film Market.

India’s Media & Entertainment industry offers ample growth potential for global and domestic stakeholders, with government initiatives strategically aligned to harness this potential. We eagerly seek to forge impactful partnerships with India, leveraging the convergence of innovation and digital transformation in the industry. The focus on Intellectual Property (IP) underscores the value Indian studios place on this aspect, enhancing the sector’s appeal to global entities.

Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us. Feel free to reach out for inquiries regarding participation in global film markets and upcoming festivals in the months ahead.

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