Star Power @ Berlinale 2023

By Pickle  February 22, 2023
Star Power @ Berlinale 2023, Pickle Media

Berlinale 2023 would be a celebration of the “catalysing and revolutionary notion of cinema, which unites even when it divides,” stated artistic director Carlo Chatrian. This year’s edition includes everything from star power to extravagant red carpet evenings. The 2023 edition is the first real edition for Chatrian and managing director Maritte Rissenbeek. This year’s actor awards will favour a gender-neutral format. During a retrospective of his films, Academy Award winner Steven Spielberg will be honoured with a Golden Bear for his life’s work. Nineteen films will compete for the main awards. Asian animated films “Art College 1994” by China’s Liu Jian and “Suzume” by Japan’s Makoto Shinkai will compete for the Golden Bear.

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