Top Trends @ EFM 2024

By Pickle  February 13, 2024
Top Trends @ EFM 2024, Pickle Media

At the European Film Market, industry professionals can anticipate key trends shaping the future of fi lmmaking. From technological advancements to industry-wide discussions, here are the top trends to watch out for at EFM

1 EFM Busy Post Writers’ strike

Following the end of the writers’ strike in Hollywood, the European Film Market (EFM) sees a surge in activity. The market remains robust and he upcoming 2024 edition shows promising signs of continued success, with sold-out exhibition spaces and increasing registration numbers

2 Co-Production Market

The 21st Berlinale Co-Production Market presents 34 film projects from 27 countries seeking international partners for cofinancing and realization. Notably, 17 projects are directed by women. The selection encompasses diverse themes, including political conflicts and family dynamics, with a focus on fresh perspectives and emerging talent. The event facilitates over 1,500 one-on-one meetings among producers, world sales companies, and funding organizations. Over 360 films have emerged from past projects, including award-winning titles.

3 Italy as ‘Country in Focus’ 2024

Italy is the “Country in Focus” for 2024. The program aims to showcase the work of Italian filmmakers from different perspectives and offer an opportunity to network with producers, distributors, investors and experts. The Italian film and media industry continues to have a strong presence at the EFM with over 1,000 accredited participants, 60 exhibiting companies, and nearly 80 films in market screenings this year. This will enable to showcase Italy’s rich and diverse production and distribution landscape to foster collaboration opportunities.

4 EFM Startups

EFM Startups 2024 celebrates its 10th edition by spotlighting innovative startups in production, development, and distribution. During the four-day platform at the Berlinale, these startups showcase technological advancements, engage with industry leaders, and explore funding opportunities. Selected
companies will pitch their ideas, participate in one-on-one meetings, and attend roundtable discussions, following thorough preparation sessions leading up to the event.

5 Book Adaptations

Books at Berlinale 2024 presents ten international books poised for screen adaptation. Hosted on February 18, the event showcases works tackling diverse themes from social issues to historical intrigue. Six publishers and four literary agencies have submitted the selections, reflecting global trends in literature and cinema.

6 Diversity and Inclusion

EFM has been constantly evolving to embrace new trends and sectors. Through its Diversity & Inclusion initiative launched in 2018, the EFM provides a platform for visibility, advocacy, and empowerment. The initiative aims to foster a more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable film industry, amplifying underrepresented voices and driving transformative change.

Artificial Intelligence in Focus

The EFM Industry Sessions 2024 will spotlight the intersection of human and machine learning, skills, and equity, addressing key developments shaping the fi lm industry. With a special focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI), discussions will explore its evolving role across the fi lm value chain, from script development to distribution. The sessions will delve into questions about the impact of AI on film creation and the future balance between human and machine intelligence. Additionally, topics such as sustainability, fair remuneration, and contemporary leadership will be explored, alongside discussions on new business strategies and independent animation. The program includes various formats like think tanks, workshops, and podcasts, complemented by EFM Startups showcasing innovative tools and services. The event also fosters networking opportunities and initiatives promoting equity, inclusion, and mental health awareness in the industry.

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