Blue Efficience Roped in For Ventana Sur

By Pickle  November 20, 2020
Blue Efficience Roped in For Ventana Sur, Pickle Media

After a successful partnership for Cannes, the Marché du Film has once again roped in Paris-based Blue Efficience to increase the security of online screenings for Ventana Sur beginning November 30.

Blue Efficience will monitor anti-piracy of 150 films to be screened for buyers and delegates virtually during the LATAM market.

A total of 872 films benefited from Blue Efficience’s expertise during Cannes Film Market 2020. Thanks to the antipiracy measures implemented by the Marché du Film and its technology suppliers Cinando and Shift72, including encryption and watermarking of films, Blue Efficience did not detect any piracy resulting from the virtual screenings that took place during the Marché. On the contrary Blue Efficience were able to see that some films had already been pirated well before the Marché du Film Online.

Blue Efficience is also valued on the market for its closeness to its interlocutors, its great reactivity, its efficiency and the quality of its work.

From antipiracy enforcement to the promotion of legal amenities, the company offers a 360-degree service around films. The company also invests strongly in research and development which enables the company to offer the best technical and innovative solutions to fight piracy.

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