On Jansmashtami, Revisiting India’s Best IP

By Pickle  August 19, 2022
On Jansmashtami, Revisiting India’s Best IP, Pickle Media

The creator of the animated series Little Krishna, Ashish SK, the former CEO of BIG Animation and a well-known industry voice in India’s AVGC sector, recalls how India’s first original IP production created for a global audience has evolved into the most well-known and beloved name with a cult following globally

Little Krishna TV Animation Series, co-produced by BIG Animation and The India Heritage Foundation by Reliance BIG Animation (in 2008), is one of India’s best IPs. As we recall on this Jansmashtami (Lord Krishna’s birthday), Little Krishna is still a great family entertainer both within and outside the country, and it is recognised for its high production standards.

The broadcast rights to Little Krishna, which debuted on Nickelodeon India, are currently held by Discovery Kids. Both YouTube and Amazon Prime offer streaming options for it. The show’s broad appeal is owed to its stunning 3D animation, moving drama, and compelling tales that are replete with lessons about love, altruism, and respect for others.

The Animation series was produced by the then-CEO of BIG Animation, Ashish SK, who recalls that it was “India’s first original IP creation developed for the global audience which made an impact globally.” Little Krishna is the most well-known and beloved name with a cult following worldwide, adds Ashish who presently serves as the founder and CEO of Punnaryug Artvision Pvt Ltd and Screenyug Creations Pvt Ltd and is a prominent industry voice in India’s AVGC sector.

On Jansmashtami, Revisiting India’s Best IP, Pickle Media

The AVGC sector has established itself in the previous two decades as one of the primary contributors and growth drivers of the Indian Media and Entertainment sector, thanks to the efforts made by leading advocates for AVGC sector like Ashish.

Realizing the sector’s true potential, the Indian government has established the Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming, and Comics (AVGC) task force, whose mission is to cultivate top-tier creative talent to satisfy both domestic and international demand. The task force for the promotion of the Indian AVGC sector is anticipated to place a strong emphasis on positioning the Indian AVGC sector for services exports, co-productions, the growth of indigenous intellectual property, and its consumption patterns both within India and abroad after laying a strong foundation over the last two decades.

Little Krishna is well-researched, thought out, authenticated, amusingly penned, aesthetically pleasing, and well-made. The series has been dubbed in a number of different regional languages after being produced in English for a worldwide audience. It received numerous accolades and had a presence in more than 50 countries worldwide.

On Jansmashtami, Revisiting India’s Best IP, Pickle Media

Tejonidhi Bhandare is the current leader of Reliance Animation, which produced the critically acclaimed TV Series Little Krishna, Shaktimaan, Little Singham, and Golmaal Jr. Reliance Animation is committed to reviving the art of storytelling by setting its animated productions in the fantastical realm. To “create a world of fantasy and excitement for our consumers through our unique storytelling ‘mixed’ with cutting-edge technology and creativity,” according to the company’s vision statement.

Each person associated with ‘Little Krishna’ takes pride in the quality of animation that matches world-class standards. The team associated with creating magic around ‘Little Krishna’ includes the likes of Jeffrey Scott and Vincent Edwards, one of the directors of Spider Man TV series and R. Balasubra-maniam. The special effects, the overall treatment and the delivery have never been seen on Indian television before. Vara’s music for Little Krishna is stunning.

Little Krishna’s success can be attributed to the fact that even if the episodes depict the epic fights pitting good against evil, they never fail to move the audience’s emotions. Little Krishna captivates those around him with his soulful flute, making every living thing dance blissfully to his wonderful tunes while soaking up the love of his parents, the adoration of his friends, and the astonishment among the common people of Vrindavan.

On Jansmashtami, Revisiting India’s Best IP, Pickle Media


Production Studio: BIG Animation Pvt Ltd

Executive Producers: Madhu Pandit Dasa, Rajesh Sawhney

Producer: Ashish SK

Associate Producer: Praful Gade

Line Producer: Ravi Mahapatro

Series Director: Vincent Edwards

Art & Animation Director: Balasubramanian R

Story, Concept & Design: Bhaktilata, Chamari, Chanchalapati Dasa

Script: Jeffrey Scott

Music, Editing and Design: Varaprasad J.V

Art Directors: Prabuddha K Pardeshi, Vinayak Kurne

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