ZEE’s Punit Goenka wins  IAA’s Game-Changer of the Year Award

By Pickle  August 1, 2022
ZEE’s Punit Goenka wins  IAA’s Game-Changer of the Year Award, Pickle Media

The International Advertising Association (IAA) has honoured ZEE Entertainment Enterprises’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Punit Goenka with the coveted Game-Changer of the Year award for his contribution towards the growth of the media and entertainment sector.  

Goenka, who has written the success narrative of ZEE throughout the pandemic that tested the resiliency and adaptability of businesses across industries, gave credit for the prize to the ZEE family and said it was “solid proof that we have actually been taking the necessary measures and pushing ahead.”

“This victory belongs to every ZEE family member who has continually worked to achieve success and create more value for all of our customers,” he added.

As the MD and CEO of ZEE, Mr. Goenka has had great success in improving the performance of the firm and moving it closer to its objectives by not just producing high-quality entertainment content but also bringing about constructive social change. His keen media acumen and future vision have made ZEE the leader in the entertainment industry and helped the business become what it is now on a worldwide scale.

With 190 countries represented and over 1.3 billion viewers today across all platforms, ZEE has effectively entered foreign markets under his capable leadership.

Recently, the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) approved the merger of ZEE Entertainment Enterprises and Sony Pictures Networks (SPN) (NSE). ZEE and SPN will combine as part of the proposed merger, and after it closes, the combined business will float on an Indian stock exchange.

SPE will hold 50.86% of the combined business after the merger, while ZEE promoters will hold 3.99%. Existing ZEE stockholders will own 45.15 percent of the combined company’s shares.

Punit Goenka, MD & CEO of ZEE, will serve as the MD & CEO of the combined business.

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