Redefining Indian Streaming Globally

By Pickle  May 26, 2023
Redefining Indian Streaming Globally, Pickle Media


Proreal, a streaming service created by businessman Sambit Duttaroy, had a successful debut at Cannes Film Market and interacted with stakeholders from more than 50 countries. In a freewheeling conversation with Pickle, Sambit,  CEO of Proreal, discusses the new Indian streaming platform for the world and how the organisation strives to generate amazing results for both Proreal and its stakeholders

Sambit Duttaroy, the CEO of Proreal Production Corp, is a passionate individual with a deep-rooted love for movies and storytelling. As the leader of a renowned production house and an Over the Top (OTT) company, he is driven by his unwavering dedication to fostering innovation within the entertainment industry.

Proreal Production Corp, under Sambit’s visionary guidance, aims to revolutionize the global consumption of digital content. As a testament to their commitment to excellence, Proreal is affiliated with esteemed organizations such as the Independent Film & Television Alliance (IFTA) in the USA, OTTx in the USA, the Confederation of Indian Industry, and the Indian Motion Picture Producers’ Association (IMPPA). By being an active participant in these associations, Proreal solidifies its position as an industry leader and paves the way for groundbreaking advancements in the entertainment landscape.

In this exclusive interview with Pickle, he shares his insights into the ever-evolving needs of consumers and ways to stay abreast of emerging technologies.

Redefining Indian Streaming Globally, Pickle Media

What makes the Proreal streaming platform unique?

We started Proreal with the intention of providing opportunities for talent. In order to set ourselves apart from other platforms, we have launched boutique collections of exclusive international content in addition to combining some of the most well-known TV channels that are available for free to viewers, such as news channels, sports channels, movie channels, etc.  Our goal is to develop a platform where content producers can show off their work and advance in this industry. Our motto is “create locally, reach globally.”

What excites you about the Indian market and its global footprint globally?

India’s abundant cultural heritage and diversity greatly intrigues other nations. With a significant global Indian diaspora and their profound interest in their homeland, there is a remarkable opportunity to explore and present India to the world stage. In addition to India’s massive population of 1.3 billion, there are approximately 35 million Indians residing in various countries worldwide.

Understanding the power of storytelling, Proreal provides a dynamic platform for storytellers to express their narratives and connect with audiences on a global scale. By facilitating the dissemination of these captivating stories, Proreal strives to bridge the cultural gaps and foster cross-cultural understanding. This not only enables Indian diaspora to stay connected with their roots but also allows people from diverse backgrounds to experience the rich tapestry of Indian culture.

Through Proreal’s efforts, the beauty and vibrancy of Indian stories are shared with audiences around the world, promoting cultural exchange and appreciation. By harnessing the potential of digital platforms and leveraging the global reach of Proreal, these narratives could reach every corner of the globe, transcending geographical boundaries and making a lasting impact on the global entertainment landscape.

COVID has brought in a major shift in audience preferences across the world. What prompted you to enter this space?

I observed that only the OTT platforms were succeeding and expanding during the pandemic. The majority of content producers and production companies still struggle to compete with established streaming giants. Additionally, I discovered that, given peoples’ hectic schedules, this OTT platform is the way of the future post-Covid. I started this platform and also floated a corporation to go public in the USA and India because I felt that someone should start somewhere to assist people and talent by creating employment and earning opportunities through the OTT platform. This way, the resource won’t become limited and Proreal will eventually become the people’s company. We firmly believe that using Made in India content will increase its worldwide impact. 

What did you hope to accomplish at Cannes 2023?

Engaging with collaborative partners from more than 50 nations is a wonderful experience. We were part of the Confederation of Indian Industry’s stand in Palais. Being a part of Cannes was a terrific learning experience, it helped us gain exposure from the appropriate individuals, and it was beneficial for networking. The market has made room for fresh concepts. We will prioritise women, festivals, and international children’s and animation programming as we continue to curate content.

How do you see India’s announcement of incentives for co-production?

For international film shootings in India, we are particularly interested in co-production and executive production. Following our meetings at Cannes, we are looking into fresh co-production possibilities from the United Kingdom and a few European countries. In addition, we opened our production and distribution houses to provide a complete solution to incoming and established talent and content creators with the ability to profit on our platform.

How can you be distinct and unique in an Indian market with over 50 OTT platforms?

We do not compete with OTT platforms in India because we are multilingual. Our main focus is to work with indie filmmakers, studios, and archive owners to help their content reach and monetize in emerging countries. In addition, we are India’s first FAST Channel platform, and we collaborate with TV stations to reach new markets.

Our objective is to focus on those parts of Indian territory that have banks of content but lack worldwide presence and monetization.  And contribute to the society in which we live by creating a future for tomorrow.

What are your thoughts on Proreal’s use of AI?

AI is here to stay, and our goal is to implement innovation across the board. We have used AI for subtitles in other languages, and I believe that with this technology, we can be more global in our approach to local content.


Propelling Indian Content To New Heights

Indian streaming platform Proreal had non-stop meetings during Cannes FIlm Market 2023 at Palais and engaged with business partners and collaborators from over 50 countries. Here is a snapshot

Redefining Indian Streaming Globally, Pickle Media
Redefining Indian Streaming Globally, Pickle Media
Redefining Indian Streaming Globally, Pickle Media
Redefining Indian Streaming Globally, Pickle Media
Redefining Indian Streaming Globally, Pickle Media
Redefining Indian Streaming Globally, Pickle Media
Redefining Indian Streaming Globally, Pickle Media

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