Amazing Kids

By Pickle  November 10, 2023
Amazing Kids, Pickle Media

Flash|3D Animated Series|104 Episodes X 22 min|Education|Adventure|Comedy

Abacus (the leader), Maya, Neon, Geo and Flora are best friends studying in 5th grade. They go to a jungle camp where they run into an evil alien who claims to have gathered more knowledge about earth than the mankind itself. He believes that he can rule the earth.

The kids simply laugh on the alien and tell him that how he can be so sure about the mankind when he cannot even beat the five kids in any challenge that is based on the knowledge of their planet. The Alien gets furious and creates a maze, a virtual world that is the replica of the forest. The Alien asks the kids to solve the maze in the virtual forest before the time-out or he will take away the “element” that he has put on stake.

The alien also gives a utility box to the kids that will come handy during the mission. The virtual forest is set on fire and oxygen is on stake. Kids accept the challenge and enter through the door that the evil alien has created.


Screen Yug

Content Creator/s: Ashish S K, Anand Pandey
Phone(s): +91 9765041999, +91 9326802288
Target Audience: Kids between 5 and 9

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