By Pickle  November 10, 2023
Banvasa, Pickle Media

Animation|Teens|2023|(22*13) *3|India

After the apocalypse 80% of the Earth is destroyed and what’s left is nothing like the old one. The continents have gone back to their positions in the Mesozoic era. All of the Earth from life forms to landscapes have changed and mutated. Due to this 8 different clans have emerged on the land of Banvasa and with that the war for power, control and survival begins. All hopes lost, as in 2040 the rest of the Earth with all the life in it will be destroyed if the machine is not restored. It’s a Banvasa for humanity, but will it end? Will Pouras will be able to restore the faith in humanity and save the world? How is he going to find his way through the land of uncertainties? Is there going to be an emergence of a hero? Lets see what lies at the END of Banvasa.


Prismart Productions

Producer/S: Deepak Deopa
Director: Jyoti D Rautela
Status: Early stage (0 to 25% financed)
SalesRights: Worldwide 
Phone: +91 8527996328

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