Gayatri – The Desert Princess

By Pickle  October 20, 2022
Gayatri – The Desert Princess, Pickle Media

Fantasy | Action | Drama | Musical | Seeking Co-Production Partners

When darkness devours the golden desert and it feels like everything is lost, young Gayetri discovers her true identity and powers to bring down the dark king, Khadum, restoring the desert to its former glory. For centuries we have heard and witnessed the tales of many brave Queens and princess from the desert. Tales of sacrifice, love, courage and glory. These tales and stories have travelled through time, puppet shows, folk songs etc. Some stories remained close to our hearts; some stories got lost but a few became legends. In the land of the golden sand, grand palaces, and soaring fortresses a legend was born. A golden princess who was destined for greatness, but fate had another plan. The princess was lost in the vast desert on her first birthday along with her favorite puppets that were a gift from her parents. Unaware of her identity she continues to live her life as a desert nomad. Lesser did she know that her destiny awaits her. Along with her magical puppets, she embarks on a journey of discovering secrets and mysteries hidden in the desert. Will she fulfill her destiny and save the Desert kingdom from extinction? A princess story, with elements of a typical Disney movie married to Bollywood dance and song drama, a fun filled fantasy adventure, a visual and musical extravaganza, set in the backdrop of Rajasthan and it’s mystical Forts and Palaces and the ancient art of puppetry. The first of it’s kind use of animated Puppets, promises to do toys did in “Toy Story”.


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