Granny vs Granny

By Pickle  November 10, 2023
Granny vs Granny, Pickle Media

Animation Drama|52 x 11’ Episodes

In a multicultural household, two lovable yet comically senile grandmas – an Indian dadi and a Mexican abuela navigate whimsical challenges and cultural differences to raise their adorable grandson. Granny vs Granny is a heartwarming animated sitcom that brings to life the age-old clash between maternal and
paternal grandmothers. Centered on two diverse grandmothers, the series showcases slapstick battles over trivial matters in their imaginative world. Rooted in relatable Asian family issues, the comical stories offer universal appeal and nostalgic charm. With humor and heart, this animated spectacle is perfect for
multi-generational family viewing. Brace for crazy yet adorable family dynamics and laughter-inducing slapstick humor that resonates with all ages. The simple yet engaging stories promise entertainment for everyone.


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