By Pickle  October 20, 2022
Kishkindha, Pickle Media

Mythological | Fantasy | Action | Adventure | Drama | Seeking Co-Production Partners

A visual extravaganza of immense scale, A millennium old technologically advanced hidden Kingdom, A book which holds immense power to threaten the contemporary world as we know it, “Kishkindha” is a tale of two worlds coming together after thousands of years to fight the evil prevailing in the modern world. A modern evil Villain with immense powers threatens to conquer the world and trigger a War of a scale that can engulf the entire world. A young protagonist, the heir to the ancient hidden Kingdom has to step out into the unknown world; Can he become the saviour of both the Worlds. With the backdrop of the ageless Epic Ramayana, we bring to you an Adventure, Fantasy Fiction and a new Indian Superhero.


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