Kul Veera

By Pickle  November 9, 2023
Kul Veera, Pickle Media

90 minutes | Pilot Completed | Animation

Kul Veera is the story of five princes in waiting who are training at the most exclusive academy of the land together with their bitter rivals. Before becoming the legendary heroes of the classic Indian epic, Mahabharata, they were just teenagers each of whom dreamed of becoming Kul Veera, the hero of the clan. Kul Veera theatrical short was co-developed and co-produced with Carton Network Asia as a part of Snaptoons program. It was the top rated short of the program.



Producer/s: Munjal Shroff
Director/s: Tilak Shetty
Website: www.graphiti.net
Email: munjal@graphiti.net
Phone: +91 9821148757

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