Lazy Lilly

By Pickle  November 9, 2023
Lazy Lilly, Pickle Media

Slapstick, fantasy|52 x 11 min Episodes

In the bustling underground ant world, Lazy Lilly, a plump and book-loving ant, stumbles upon extraordinary solutions to every day problems with her ingenious laziness, proving that sometimes the most unexpected heroes can save the day. She is a chubby and extremely lazy ant living in an underground community beneath the lively city of Hillwood. There she coexists with various insect
neighbours. Unlike her hardworking counterparts, Lilly prefers smart work over hard work and is renowned for her quick wit since she is really lazy. Whether it’s dealing with flooding or the encroachment of a circus above ground, Lilly’s unconventional thinking always saves the day. Her unique knowledge of the human world, thanks to her friend Sparkle, plays a pivotal role in her problem-solving abilities. Despite her laziness, she remains the hero of the underground community, using her intelligence and resourcefulness to ensure their safety and well-being.


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