Mallu & Pi and the needle of light

By Pickle  October 20, 2022
Mallu & Pi and the needle of light, Pickle Media

Sci-fi | Fantasy | Adventure | Seeking Co-Production Partners | Buyers

In an astounding adventure that weaves through time and space, two children and their “non-human’ companions team-up to try and find the key to balanced life – The Needle Of Light. Needle of Light is a life-kindling force to reverse the deadly crystallisation of all life forms on Threa with Advanced Crystal Technology (ACT). It is a secret hidden in the centre of Earth and the quest to find it is a treacherous journey made light with wit and humour. A surprising twist in the end reveals the start of another adventure – part 2 of the trilogy.


Crossover Media & Design Pvt Ltd

Producer: Crossover Media & Design Pvt Ltd (INDIA)
Status: Initial Development
Phone: 9769581949

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