Mary Kom Junior

By Pickle  October 20, 2022
Mary Kom Junior, Pickle Media

Screen Yug has signed exclusive rights for animation content with boxing champion Mary Kom to make Mary Kom Jr, India’s first girl super hero. The story revolves around Mary Kom Jr, an 8-year-old boxing champion who owns a pair of magical boxing gloves.

Mary Kom and her team – Onir, Mona and their coach Master Oja travel to various exotic and fictional destinations in India and around the world to take part in boxing competitions. During these adventurous journeys, they encounter several dangerous situations and many powerful enemies of all kinds, shapes and sizes.


Screen Yug

Content Creator/s: Ashish S K, Anand Pandey
Phone(s): +91 9765041999, +91 9326802288
Target Audience: Kids between 5 and 9

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