Miniraja / Li’l Maharaja of Mastipur

By Pickle  October 20, 2022
Miniraja / Li’l Maharaja of Mastipur, Pickle Media

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This buddy comedy is about MINIRAJA, a young prince and future Maharaja of Mastipur, who has a strong appetite for mischief and pranks. Kulfi, a Royal Bengal Tiger from the Royal Guards, is entrusted with the task of ‘Nanny’ who watches over him as if he were his own cub. With Miniraja’s tendency to head straight towards danger Kulfi definitely has his work clawed out for him!!!

The series draws on funny intercultural situations as the Royal Family hosts several international guests from all around the world in their splendid ancestral palace


Crossover Media & Design Pvt Ltd

Producer: Crossover Media & Design Pvt Ltd (INDIA)
Status: Initial Development
Phone: 9769581949

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