By Pickle  November 9, 2023
Robotime, Pickle Media

Edutainment|KidsPreschools|2023|5 *105|India

Find yourself in the colorful world of kinder toons/Robotoons, where lives six best friends: Ele the elephant, Bee the bee, Goatee the goat, Paa the panda, Mow the cow & Rabbi the rabbit who all are excited to befriend you. Each one of them has a special ability of their own which makes them unique and adorable. They love to share their daily adventures and experiences. So hop in and learn through their activities full of fun, celebration, magic, mystery, adventures, and little education with their cute little mistakes.


Prismart Productions

Producer/S: Deepak Deopa
Director: Aakash Kumar
Status: In Development
Sales Rights: Worldwide
Phone: +91 8527996328

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