Shanaya – The Wanderlust Detective

By Pickle  November 9, 2023
Shanaya – The Wanderlust Detective, Pickle Media

Mystery, Travel, Action Adventure|22 X 8 eps per mini series “Shanaya – The Travel Detective” is a 3D animated series targeted at teens and young adults, combining the excitement of travel, fashion, food, and mysteries. The show follows Shanaya, a teen influencer with a passion for solving complex mysteries, as she travels to different locations around the world with her friends Louis and Maria. After being selected for an international travel school program organised by a luxury adventure travel company,
they become influencers for the travel company. While attending school in different parts of the world, they go on thrilling tours — and come across intriguing local mysteries that they use their detective skills to unravel. Each season of the show can be divided into 3 mini-arcs. Each mini-arc can have 4-6 episodes, featuring one city or location, its culture, cuisine, and a captivating mystery that challenges the trio’s intellect and camaraderie.


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