Urmila – Ramayan Tetold

By Pickle  October 20, 2022
Urmila – Ramayan Tetold, Pickle Media

Mythological | Fantasy | Action | Drama | Seeking Co-Production Partners

The untold love story of Urmila, Sita’s sister and Lakshmana’s wife in the epic Ramayana. A new take on Ramayana from the perspective of one of the most overlooked but perhaps the strongest character in the epic. Ramayana is an epic that has always captured our imagination since times immemorial. It has been told and retold many times but the lens on the story has remained the same, seen from only one view, of that of Ram and Sita. The Ramayana which has been popularised by comics, movies and the television is all about Ram and Sita. All the rest of the characters are woven around them. We believe, it is a story that has more to say. We propose to tell the story behind this epic through a new lens, the eyes of a strong woman, a princess, who was sentenced to an exile of her own, as she held together, the Palace of Ayodhya. We present “Urmilla”, the epitome of Strength and Sacrifice, “The Woman of Substance” in the epic Ramayana in a never-before-seen format in a fun-filled 3-D format for kids and families. A Princess story, set in the backdrop of the eternal epic “Ramayana”.


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