Zena’s Zoo

By Pickle  November 9, 2023
Zena’s Zoo, Pickle Media

2D Animated Comedy|3-7 Yrs|2024|India

Meet Zena, a unique young girl on the autism spectrum who struggles to communicate with most humans, except her understanding brother, Zach and father Earl. Zena often appears quiet and misunderstood due to her difficulty with social cues, but beneath the surface, she’s far from ordinary. What sets Zena apart is her extraordinary connection with the zoo animals. In their presence, she not only feels seen and heard but also comprehends their unspoken language. While she may miss some cues,her trusty guide, Zach, is always by her side. Zena engages in conversations, laughter, jokes, and even friendly arguments with her furry and not-so-furry companions, making each day an adventure. When the zoo’s gates close and Earl, the father, retires for the night, Zena and her animal friends embark on their own
escapades, ensuring they don’t disturb the slumbering Earl, who remains blissfully unaware of their nocturnal antics.


Prayan Animation Studio Pvt. Ltd

Producer: Prayan Animation Studio Pvt. Ltd
Director: Remesh Ram
Status: In Development
Sales Rights: Worldwide
Website: www.prayananimation.com
Email: info@prayananimation.com
Phone: +91 99479 58875

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