By Pickle  November 9, 2023
Anu, Pickle Media

Animation, Sci- Fi, Multiverse|22*26 3 Seasons

The fate of the humanity lies on Pratham’s shoulders. A solitary life shrouded in mystery and resenting his mother for abandoning him, the 15-year-old tech wiz ends up falling in a time vortex with his friends Mili and Shrishti. The trio has no idea what they are getting themselves into. They travel back to the year 1320 to find themselves in Dwarika, the kingdom responsible to guard the “Raktkamal”, a flower containing the last drop of the rarest element “Luctonium”.


Prismart Productions

Producer/S: Deepak Deopa
Status: In Development
Sales Rights: Worldwide
Phone: +91 87557 89789

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