Bandit Queen – The Series

By Pickle  October 20, 2022
Bandit Queen – The Series, Pickle Media

Drama | Reality | Biopic | Seeking Co-Production Partner/s | India

The season begins with a reminder of the mot atrocious act of banditry carried out by Phoolan Devi and her gang — the Behmai massacre in which the gang lined up the make Thakur’s of the village and executed them at point black range. It was a ceremonial killing in revenge for the gang rape of the bandit queen Phoolan by some Thakurs of Behmai. Ironically, the chief rapists who had subjected Phoolan to this shame and atrocity were not among those captured and executed. The incident alarmed the nation and, as her associate and mentor Baba Mustaqueem said it would, brought the down the full force of the state on dacoit gangs and activity. The Chief Ministers of the states in which they operated and Indira Gandhi herself convened a convention and declared war on the bandit gangs.


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Producer/S: Bobby Bedi
Status: In Development
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