Indian Beauty

By Pickle  October 20, 2022
Indian Beauty, Pickle Media

Biopic | Seeking Co-Production Partner/s | India

“When the sea saw me for the first time” is Amrita’s vision for the ‘biography’ instead the real truth is that ‘I saw the sea for the first time’. She told Jawaharlal Nehru after reading his biographical sketch “ I don’t think it is on the threshold of life that one feels chaotic, it is when one has crossed the threshold that one discovers that things which look simple are infinitely tortuous and complex. That it is only inconsistency that there is any consistency”. The film about Amrita has so much inconsistency in her life that makes an artist’s consistency, it is sensual, sensitive and detached at the same time. It is also a study on sympathy and stress. The Hungarian art critic Mr Ervin wrote – “We Hungarians can feel proud of Amrita, as she is partly ours., Her drawings are so perfect and structuring of forms so powerful that they would do credit to any painter, yes, even the best male painter” Amrita herself created more sensations with her words, than her work. She talked longer than she painted. She said Tagore school is a misplaced smart set . She painted colours under pains and subjects under her own sympathy’s colours, blue, yellow or green as from the points of ‘universal man’ or like saint or being promiscuous, nymphomaniac, lesbian and an angel. She addressed her painting to fully form or transform one’s sexual feelings as desire into art or form of arts. Sensuality and sensuousness in her was a necessary concomitant of the creative urge. Her creative ‘arousal’ resulting in orgasam was an evident form of sensuous pain of self consciousness. Upsetting her emotional equiblirium was an indulge rather to become slave to it like D H Lawrence


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