New Hope Beauty Parlour

By Pickle  November 9, 2023
New Hope Beauty Parlour, Pickle Media

Drama|Scripted 8 X 30’

There’s something about Savita. She will solve any distress while threading your eyebrows, at New Hope Beauty Parlour, and sell you an insurance policy too. #sidehustle. But that’s not all. Hidden deep within the subconscious of this amusing mother to a quirky 6 year old boy, is a deep trauma. At the age of eleven, Savita, a prepubescent tomboy, was gangraped by two men.

At the age of 12, she gave birth and was told that her child was still-born. After a few years of being shunted from one relative’s house to the other, she was married off, and eventually divorced as the husband got wind of her past. The parlour became her façade, until, a seventeen year old boy Vishal turns up searching for answers. Her ‘dead’ son has returned and her web of lies now unravels. He pushes Savita into a fight for justice and eighteen years after the crime, they find closure.


Victor Tango Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Producer/S: Victor Tango Entertainment Pvt. Ltd & GOAT Studios
Phone: +91 9819600191

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